Offshore Services AHPC offshore products include Marine and Offshore Cranes, Subsea Hydraulics, repairs and maintenance of various pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and tooling. Site inspections and audits are also part of our capability.


Marine Services Air & Hydraulic Power Centre provide OEM local support in WA and surrounding territories ranging from troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance to major repairs and overhauls for SLADs, ANZAC Boat Cranes, Yo-Yo Davits and Mine-hunter Deck Cranes. This background allows us to support a range of hull equipment for Naval and commercial marine customers […]


Mining Services AHPC are suppliers, maintainers and repairers of most pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and tooling to the mining industry. We also carry out site safety inspections, audits and projects that comply with the most rigorous operational and safety standards to meet production scheduling.