EDMO Equipment


Heavy Lift Jacks, Mining Trucks and Equipment Stands and Tyre Presses.

EDMO, the pioneer of OTR tyre changing, commenced operation in 1970 with the invention of the EDMO TYRE PRESS and hydraulic JACKS. It was apparent at the time that there was a need for a safe and quick way to change the gigantic tyres on the off the road mine vehicles, and how to lift these massive machines for maintenance work. The first EDMO Jack was an 80/40 Tonne 2 stage Jack built in 1970. Today telescopic, self-locking, and self-propelled models have evolved.

Safety was the first and still the foremost important factor instigating design and production of the EDMO range Tyre Changing Presses, Hydraulic Jacks and Jacking Stands. The EDMO Equipment Company is world renowned for its invention of the first of its kind tyre changing press used in most large Australian mines, and numerous international mine sites. Since then many new features and designs have met the needs of users. EDMO responds to the needs of the industry by keeping up with new designs to compliment the vast array of equipment in use, particularly in the mining sector.

As well as to design new special purpose machines or customise equipment to meet specific requirements.

EDMO continually works to improve products and has introduced a whole new innovative range of jacking equipment. EDMO continues to develop new ideas, to serve its clients well. Providing design, equipment and training in the field of heavy vehicle maintenance. With our equipment and experience we are able to provide up to date equipment to change tyres fitted to the world’s largest vehicles.

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