Scorpion Jacks


Heavy Lift Jacks, Truck & Mining Equipment Stands

Scorpion HEJ series jacks operate at just 3300 psi, which is one third of many of our competitors. At this pressure, the jacking cylinder bore must be considerably larger to generate the full capacity of the jack. The larger bore, rod and base plate make for extremely stable jacking. Scorpions patented trunnion mounting allows the jacking cylinder to free stand flat on the floor.

Scorpion Jacks International (SJI) develops and manufactures lifting systems for heavy industry, specifically the mining sector. Safety and usability are the hallmarks of our products.

Scorpion has been designing and manufacturing Heavy Equipment Jacks for 15 years with outstanding market and operator acceptance.

Various models of Scorpion Jacks are now in operation in Canada, United States, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and most states of Australia. Moving forward, SJI intends to offer its range of products ex-stock, facilitating further reductions in down time for clients.

Greater Contol

The use of double acting jacking cylinder (including the telescopic models) gives greater control particularly during descent. Counterbalance valves prevent over running should the load try to descend faster than the pump can supply oil. This requires the jack to be powered down and prevents accidental lowering of the load.

Three Way Overload Protection

  • An air pressure regulator is set to 90psi (96psi for HEJ150), the level required for maximum lift
  • In air pressure regulator is set to 90psi (96psi for HEJ150), the level required for maximum lift
  • Hoses and fittings and their attendant safety and environmental issues are eliminated
  • An hydraulic pressure relief valve is incorporated in the hydraulic circuit

Low Pressure Operation

Because Scorpion uses just one third the pressure of many of their competitors the hydraulic components last longer and are less likely to fail suddenly. In the event of a catastrophic failure there will be three times the oil to lose with only one third the pressure to force it out. The collapse rate of a Scorpion will be much slower than units working at 10,000psi.

Low Effort to Move & Position

The combination of large diameter wheels and pneumatic tyres, adjustable axle position, and adjustable handle not only reduce the effort required but, most importantly, eliminates strain on the operator’s back.

Simple Operation

A simple toggle switch (pneumatic valve) located well away from the load controls “UP-HOLD-DOWN”. Counter balance valves prevent the load from creeping down during “HOLD” and require the jack to be powered down.

Design Festures

  • Unique trunnion mounting of jacking cylinder
  • Steel tube used throughout, no hydraulic hose
  • Adjustable wheel and handle position
  • Double acting jacking cylinder
  • Provision for lifting dollies
  • Counterbalance valve prevents accidental retraction, jack must be powered down
  • Large diameter wheels and pneumatic tyres Exceptional manoeuvrability
  • Protective covering of all air and hydraulic components
  • Large diameter, highly stable base on jacking cylinder
  • Fully welded, all steel, heavy duty chassis
  • Air operated hydraulic pump
  • Full working capacity reached at 620 kpa 90psi (96psi HEJ150 and HEJ150-80) air pressure
  • Simple “UP – HOLD – DOWN” control
  • Heavy duty, all welded, steel chassis forms the backbone of these incredibly rugged jacks.
  • All air lines are totally protected within the boxed steel handle.
  • Hydraulic steel tubes not located under the hinged cover are mounted well below the top of the chassis and behind the wheels for added protection.


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