At AHPC, we understand our customer’s need for fast, efficient and professional service, maintenance and repairs. Our ‘One Stop Shop’ where experienced staff can repair and refurbish pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electric tools and equipment offers ‘peace of mind’ to the industries and communities we serve. We take great pride in our values of quality & safety, innovation, people, integrity, compliance and trust. Therefore we strive to improve ourselves whenever it is possible. This is demonstrated through our recent accomplishment by becoming a full member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association).

LEEA is a global trade association formed in 1944 for the lifting equipment industry, owned and controlled by its members. As of 2016, there are over 800 member companies in 56 countries covering every continent. This makes LEEA the largest and leading representative body for all companies involved in the lifting industry. LEEA members represent every aspect of this industry; from lifting equipment design, manufacture, service and repair, to distribution, inspection, and hire across Australia. LEEA provides technical, legal, health and safety support, in addition to news updates, training courses and authoritative representation worldwide. Ultimately, their goal is to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety in these activities.

In the past month, AHPC underwent a professional technical audit in which the company’s systems and processes were verified with LEEA and international standards, and all the hard work involved has been successful in attaining the Full Membership status for LEEA. Holding this title is an achievement and privilege as only a few companies in Australia are awarded with this accreditation.

Being a full LEEA member means that AHPC has passed the very stringent safety and standards audit in the testing and examination of lifting equipment. With full LEEA membership, we have a highly cost effective range of support to ensure we operate safely and successfully. We have access to:

  • Independently delivered and assessed training and qualifications for inspectors and technicians involved in lifting equipment maintenance
  • Internationally recognised TEAM card identity and qualification scheme
  • Technical audits and support in achieving and maintaining LEEA standards
  • Representation to authorities at local, national and international level
  • Twice yearly members meetings held across Australia
  • Expert and up to date information and advice
  • As an Australian member, AHPC is also automatically part of the Australian committee, which formed in 2009 to provide a local focus, ensure compliance with Australian regulations and standards, and provide networking opportunities across the industry

What does a full LEEA membership mean for you?

  • AHPC technicians will partake in enhanced training to the highest technical and safety standards in order to competently service, repair and prepare lifting equipment and accessories, following LEEA guidelines
  • AHPC staff can call on experts and access knowledgeable industry professionals and have access to technical manuals and codes of practice to improve our performance
  • AHPC carries out Reports of Thorough Examination on your equipment, so you can be confident that we have accountability in the unlikely event something goes wrong. You have got a third party to carry out inspection and calibration and we have been audited and deemed a competent party to carry out these works for you. With a proven track record in our business processes and safety procedure are to the highest standards
  • We are very determined to even further develop our standards by participating in future LEEA events to enforce our vision of “adding value to the Hydraulic & Pneumatic Industry through Innovation, People and Compliance”


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