The new CP6748EX is an ATEX certified tool (94/9/EC and 99/92/EC European directives) for optimal safety in explosive atmospheres. This industrial pneumatic impact wrench offers one of the highest performance, quality and ergonomics in its class. With additional sizes in 3/4” and 1” coming soon, the CP67X8EX series will be the ideal product range for challenging industrial applications in ATEX environments.



The ATEX certification I M2 / II 2GD c IIB 85°C X guarantees, among others, a high protection both in mines and on surfaces above ground for gazes and dusts inflammable from a minimum temperature of 85°C, and the construction safety.



Its ultimate torque up to 800 ft-lbs [1,085Nm] and the very powerful 1,200 Blows Per Minute (BPM) matches virtually any industrial or heavy maintenance operations’ needs in the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and minerals processing or even for the food industry.


Designed to withstand harsh condition of use, the CP6748 Series delivers superior durability with an extensive offer of the most robust features. High ruggedness is granted thanks to its steel clutch housing, and rubber protections, a top durable Twin Hammer clutch mechanism perfectly lubricated by an oil bath, altogether with highest quality of plain steel motor parts.

Ergonomics and safety are also key drivers of the Chicago Pneumatic product development.  As a result, the CP6748EX overcomes competitors’ offer with easy-to use one-hand forward/reverse switch and power regulation, even with gloves, a friction ring retainer for rapid socket change, a balanced grip and progressive teasing trigger. Compatible with the Chicago Pneumatic reaction free balancers, the CP6748EX also includes a robust suspension bail supporting up to 25 times the light weight of the tool (5.4lbs / 2.4kg).

With these ultimate performances, superior quality and great ergonomics, the new CP6748EX combines ATEX safety together with efficiency unmatched on the market today.