31 March 2020

COVID-19 | Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19 | Business Continuity Plan

COVID – 19 Coronavirus – AHPC Business Continuity Plan – March 2020

AHPC remains open at Jandakot and onsite services will continue as normal. Our primary focus is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for our work force, our suppliers and our customers. AHPC has been actively monitoring Federal and State Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We will continue to monitor the situation and identify any impact to our business. Regular staff updates will be provided as required.

Travel and communication guideline

• All International travel for AHPC business has been cancelled.

• All Domestic travel within Australia for Management meetings has been cancelled.

• Any AHPC staff member who returns from travel outside Australia will require mandatory isolation as per government regulations.

• All Client communication will be via teleconference, phone or email unless face to face is requested. AHPC will promote social distancing and maintain a responsibility to others within the meeting.

Cleaning Procedures Implemented

• AHPC will continue to maintain and clean equipment at the highest standard. Extra procedures in cleaning equipment handles and smaller tools prior to strip & report in our workshop and prior to release to the public or delivery collection services.
• Implement additional cleaning procedures across the workshop and administration area which will include antibacterial cleaning of handles, equipment, toilets and lunchrooms. AHPC will provide cleaning equipment including wipes, alcohol-based cleaning products, soaps and personal protective equipment.

Social Distancing – Staff

• We have provided Administration and Sales staff with technology so they can work from home. Measures have been put in place to ensure that our normal service levels will be maintained. Staff who attend our workplace are well spaced and support social distancing.

• Our Workshop Technicians and staff are rostered daily on separate shifts to provide social distancing within our Jandakot workshop. The two-roster approach will reduce the outcome of all staff being infected if Covid-19 was introduced to our premise.

Shift -1
0500 – 1300 Mon – Fri

Shift – 2
1300 – 2100 Mon – Fri

If AHPC Technicians are onsite and our workshop numbers are reduced, the day shift hours 0700-1500 will replace the above shift.

• Warehouse staff handling collections and deliveries of equipment at Jandakot will adopt the no contact rule.
– A mask must always be worn
– No interaction with delivery drivers – maintaining social distancing
– No contact delivery
– No hand to hand passing of tools (Ask the driver to place tools on the bench or stand well away when using forklift to unload/load

Training Internal or External

• Training online will be AHPC’s first approach
• AHPC will plan training on reduced staff numbers to ensure social distancing is maintained where necessary.

Stock – Parts

• Increase stock across our main brands
• Increase stock across seals, fittings, hydraulic hoses, gauges and relevant repair items
• AHPC is in contact with OEM and suppliers to obtain early feedback on roadblocks, closure or concerns on supply in general.
• Identify other opportunities including manufacturing of certain parts within Australia.

Maintaining Supply

AHPC continues to follow advice from authorities and this has led us to ensure we are making informed decisions around the primary concern of safety and well-being of staff and customers.

Social distancing, staff working from home and split rosters for our workshop Technicians allows AHPC to continue to provide the level of service and continue supply as usual.

Additional access to staff from our parent company Pacific Hoists Pty Ltd in Western Australia and NSW is available if a member of staff is quarantined or infected by Coronavirus.
Pacific Hoist’s staff are fully trained across all aspects of the business which will provide continuity of service to our customers.

All AHPC marketing, accounts and technical support come from our parent company in NSW. All Pacific Hoists staff are working from home across these support services.
AHPC workforce and services can be sustained during the Coronavirus outbreak based on:

– Maintaining vigilance in social distancing, self-isolation and cleaning procedures within our workplace.
– Utilise personal protective equipment, masks, gloves and regular hand washing daily.
– Continue to roster staff and introduce shifts that support social distancing and limit our trained Technicians working in groups.
– Promote communication within our workforce and clients that supports early detection and acceptance in raising any concerns or symptoms. Isolate staff at home immediately and resource replacement of staff within AHPC and Pacific Hoists as required.
– Continue to identify and measure roadblocks in supply chain and pro-actively identify & introduce additional suppliers as required.
– Keep communication open to all OEM Suppliers and work together to continue our service levels, products and support.
– Continue to communicate government guidelines to our staff and implement procedures and support where necessary.
– Be open and communicate immediately to our clients if AHPC’s business services are interrupted by Coronavirus, government guidelines or any event that will remove our ability to maintain supply.