22 July 2017

CP66 Nutrunner Series

CP66 Nutrunner Series


Chicago Pneumatic’s new range of nutrunners. The CP66 is the most robust pneumatic nutrunner series among the smallest gearbox. When paired with the air torque control FRL pack (ATC pack), it will yield the highest accuracy upon application. The CP66 is packed with unique features that the market values, including:

  • Motor housing protective cover and strong gearbox design: Motor protected from external aggression, enabling product durability – product can undergo up to 13,000 cycles before maintenance is required
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle and aids the reduction of operator fatigue and risks of MSDS
  • Strong light weight reaction arm: Reaction arm absorbs the torque in every condition, therefore reduces the weight of the tool and ensures durability
  • No impact: There is no vibration for <2,5 and the noise levels are generally lower than traditional impact wrenches
  • Quiet: Sound level rated at 90dBA, compared to competitor impact wrenches that average at 105dBA. A lower sound level promotes better working conditions for on site and office environments.
  • Compact gearbox: With a small gearbox, it is easy to access all the bolts located in a cramped space.

Applications for CP66 Series include flange-related / bolting applications and remanufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul operations in the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas / Petrochemical: Pipe flanges, valves, manway covers, pressure vessels
  • Power Generation / Wind Energy: Turbine bolts, tower segments, turbine casings
  • Mining: Track maintenance, undercarriage maintenance, wheel maintenance, shovel maintenance, caterpillar screws
  • Train Maintenance: Wagon attachment, wagon pivot removal, buggy maintenance, motor maintenance
  • Heavy-truck Maintenance: Cylinder head, trailer maintenance, tire changing, brake maintenance, agricultural and road construction equipment, medium and heavy duty trucks and tractor trailers, military truck equipment

Can be delivered in forward or reverse modes.

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