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High pressure tooling

High Pressure Tooling

AHPC are proud to be an Elite Simplex distributor. We offer their top of the range products to your site with the capability to service them better than anyone in the market.

Since 1899, SIMPLEX has manufactured innovative positioning and lifting products. They specialize in mechanical jacks & hydraulic high pressure, high force equipment up to 1500 tons.

Through utilisation of the latest manufacturing CNC technology, they maintain tight quality control processes coupled with today’s CMM technology, experienced assemblers with controlled testing procedures to ensure their products are safe and dependable.

In our second century, SIMPLEX continues to evolve into a global provider of products, services, and engineered solutions to industries as diverse as transportation, manufacturing, construction, power generation, and mining/quarry.

In every market and application, SIMPLEX products and technologies enable the global customer to turn challenges into progress.

Hi Pressure Quick Facts…..

  • The other ways to transmit energy used in industry are
Mechanical: Crank mechanisms, shafts and linkages
Electrical: Electric motors ,ect.
Pneumatic: Basically the same as hydraulics but uses gas(Air) as its transmission substance.


  • An improperly Maintained fluid or gas powered system can lead to premature component failure. Safe system performance requires periodic inspections and maintenance
  • Probably the most common injury in the Fluid power industry is caused by pinhole leaks in hose’s. The injection of the fluid is similar to a hypodermic needle, in most cases it’s too late to treat and requires drastic medical measures. The leaks should be found using a piece of cardboard or wood to lower risk
  • You should never mix high and low Pressure components in a system, doing so can be damaging to your health safety and the operation of the hydraulic equipment
  • Before commencing any work on a pressure system, you must isolate all energy sources and secure and moving parts, Bleed of any excess system pressure to ensure system is safe
  • Always wear the correct safety equipment, especially eye protection whist working with hydraulic systems and components


AHPC can service all brands and types of High Pressure equipment services including simple inspection to load testing and repairs.


Speak to our expert team about how we can provide industry leading solutions for your business.
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