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Site calibration


Our onsite offer can reduce the overall costs of compliance and assist in the management of the documentation as when we are finished you will have a data base of information of the tooling including images and certification.

All documents are recorded per department and can be engraved with your company’s asset number if not already done.

All calibration certificates are given to you upon completion in print outs and also as digital copies for reference or reprint if one is lost or damaged. AHPC also keeps these in a file should you ever need them replaced

  • Convenience eliminating site disruption no need to send equipment off-site
  • Eliminates a large amount of administration in managing the calibration process
  • The opportunity to immediately resolve non conformance issues
  • Reduces stock of equipment for use during calibration
  • Cloud based data access and AI/TI compliance. Instant access
  • Independent asset register
  • One stop shop: Test, Calibrate, Certify, Repair, Service & Replace


We work with the onsite contacts to maximise the number of tools we can calibrate and stream line the process. Our process flow is as follows:

  • Collect and gather tooling
  • Clean and inspect
  • Identify
  • Register and record tool data in custom detailed register with asset numbers and site location ect.
  • Calibrate and test
  • Repair and adjust if required
  • Attach missing or damaged safety warning labels if applicable.
  • Complete and make digital and paper(laminated) copies of the calibration certificate
  • Photograph and save images for records.
  • Add all the above to data base for compliance
  • Return tool to location on site.


Calibration Capabilities 

Manual / Hand Torque Wrenches & Multipliers

  • Calibration & certification
  • 0.5 Nm- 10 Nm
  • 7.5 Nm – 150 Nm
  • 75 Nm – 1,500 Nm
  • 2,375 Nm – 47,500 Nm torque multipliers
  • Repair & service
  • Replacement service


Hydraulic & Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

  • Calibration & certification
  • 0 – 7,000 Nm
  • 0 – 80,000 Nm
  • Repair & service
  • Replacement service


Linear Measurement

  • Calibration & certification
  • Micrometers, vernier callipers 0 – 500mm
  • 3 Point bore measurement 20 – 200mm
  • Dial gauges 0 – 50mm
  • Replacement service


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