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Torque and tensioning tooling



Maintenance crews at this refinery required a faster and more accurate way of loosening and tightening the bolts on this filter that is used to refine diesel fuel. Due to the frequency of the filter change out (2 filter units each needed to be changed once a week) competitor torque wrenches and pumps would fail soon after they were put into service.

Soon after trying out the Simplex WT-10 with a G5172T equipped with a heat exchanger, they were able to complete the job 30% faster with no equipment failure. The Simplex wrench is lighter, faster and more reliable than the other wrenches we have tried in the past. We have since standardized on Simplex wrenches and pumps for all our maintenance jobs.

AHPC can provide sales and calibration for manual / Hand Torque Wrenches & Multipliers Hydraulic and Pneumatic.


Models Including

We service all makes and models including:

  • Norbar
  • RAD
  • Hi Force
  • Christie
  • Tuff Torque
  • Rapid-Torc
  • Gedore
  • Raymond
  • Enerpac
  • Power Team
  • Hedley Purvis




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